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Sophia has been speaking and writing for a number of years. Some of these can be found below, including interviews.


Spoke on a panel about Neurodiversity at Midsumma 2022.


Sophia was on a panel about AI, VR, and EdTech, hosted by the Royal Society of Vicotria

Sophia was featured on a poster series of 40 women and non-binary people in computer science created by Michelle Chomiak to highlight diversity in CS. The posters can be found here.

Sophia moderated a panel on Ethical Considerations in the Digital Age for Pint of Science 2021:

Sophia was profiled in Careers with STEM 2021 – Maths & Data 2021

As a Data Consultant at Eliiza, Sophia presented a virtual brown bag:


As a Data Consultant at Eliiza, Sophia has contributed to their workplace’s blog, writing on a pipeline developed by Eliiza for automated identification of themes in audio content.

Sophia was profiled by The Wiley Network for Austim Awareness Day (April 2)

Sophia facilitated a workshop at Better Together 2020 in January on how to support improved LGBTQIA+ experiences in Corporate Australia.


Sophia spoke at KawaiiCon 2019 (October) on Genomics, Healthcare, and Information Security:

Sophia was featured in an episode of “so….poetry?” and The Secret Life of STEM

Sophia wrote and spoke about quantum computing as part of Deloitte Australia:


Sophia spoke at the Laborastory in July 2018

A photograph of Sophia speaking at a microphone looking very intense
I cannot remember who took this photo – I suspect someone at the Laborastory. if it was you, please let me know so I can credit you here!

Sophia also spoke at the Sisters in Science International Women’s Day event and the veski STEM SidebySide event in May 2018. It was a quiet year as Sophia submitted and passed their PhD this year.

Pre-2018 Writing

Downloadable, Fully Searchable You – Jan 2016, Lateral Magazine and Oct 2016, The Best Australian Science Writing 2016

Queerness and science: Moving beyond the binary – Mar 2016, Archer Magazine

My genes made me do it: the problem of genetic evidence and diminished culpability, with Associate Professor Colin Gavaghan and Katarina Schwarz (now Assistant Professor Katarina Schwarz) – Dec 2015, The Conversation

Preparing students for a STEM-intensive future, today – Oct 2015, Lateral Magazine

Editing the next generation – Aug 2015, Lateral Magazine

Interviews and Quotes

Science of Sexuality – we were born this way (but there’s much more to it than that), written by Kelly Wong – Aug 2019, Australian Science Channel

(Print only) Blurring the Gender Lines, written by Joanna Tovia – Jan/Feb 2019, Mindfood

(Podcast) Episode 3: Animal Testing, hosted by Alice Gray – Feb 2018, Inside the Petri Dish

There Is A New Landmark Suicide Prevention Strategy For LGBTI People, written by Lane Sainty – Feb 2017, Buzzfeed News

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