Sophia has been speaking and writing for a number of years. Some of these can be found below, including interviews.


Sophia has a Practice Spotlight in Queering Science Communication: Representations, Theory, and Practice, edited by Lindy A Orthia and Tara Roberson

Sophia spoke at GLEAM Monash’s Queer Careers Night


Sophia was the APAC keynote for Meta’s Agency Women’s Leadership Day.

Sophia was the keynote for the Women in Science and Engineering (University of Melbourne) networking night, an event that they founded in 2015.

Sophia was on a panel about Neurodiversity at Midsumma 2022.


Sophia was on a panel about AI, VR, and EdTech, hosted by the Royal Society of Vicotria

Sophia was featured on a poster series of 40 women and non-binary people in computer science created by Michelle Chomiak to highlight diversity in CS. The posters can be found here.

Sophia moderated a panel on Ethical Considerations in the Digital Age for Pint of Science 2021:

Sophia was profiled in Careers with STEM 2021 – Maths & Data 2021

As a Data Consultant at Eliiza, Sophia presented a virtual brown bag:


As a Data Consultant at Eliiza, Sophia has contributed to their workplace’s blog, writing on a pipeline developed by Eliiza for automated identification of themes in audio content.

Sophia was profiled by The Wiley Network for Austim Awareness Day (April 2)

Sophia facilitated a workshop at Better Together 2020 in January on how to support improved LGBTQIA+ experiences in Corporate Australia.


Sophia spoke at KawaiiCon 2019 (October) on Genomics, Healthcare, and Information Security:

Sophia was featured in an episode of “so….poetry?” and The Secret Life of STEM

Sophia wrote and spoke about quantum computing as part of Deloitte Australia:


Sophia spoke at the Laborastory in July 2018

A photograph of Sophia speaking at a microphone looking very intense
I cannot remember who took this photo – I suspect someone at the Laborastory. if it was you, please let me know so I can credit you here!

Sophia also spoke at the Sisters in Science International Women’s Day event and the veski STEM SidebySide event in May 2018.

Pre-2018 Writing

Downloadable, Fully Searchable You – Jan 2016, Lateral Magazine and Oct 2016, The Best Australian Science Writing 2016

Queerness and science: Moving beyond the binary – Mar 2016, Archer Magazine

My genes made me do it: the problem of genetic evidence and diminished culpability, with Associate Professor Colin Gavaghan and Katarina Schwarz (now Assistant Professor Katarina Schwarz) – Dec 2015, The Conversation

Preparing students for a STEM-intensive future, today – Oct 2015, Lateral Magazine

Editing the next generation – Aug 2015, Lateral Magazine

Interviews and Quotes

Science of Sexuality – we were born this way (but there’s much more to it than that), written by Kelly Wong – Aug 2019, Australian Science Channel

(Print only) Blurring the Gender Lines, written by Joanna Tovia – Jan/Feb 2019, Mindfood

(Podcast) Episode 3: Animal Testing, hosted by Alice Gray – Feb 2018, Inside the Petri Dish

There Is A New Landmark Suicide Prevention Strategy For LGBTI People, written by Lane Sainty – Feb 2017, Buzzfeed News

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